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    Frequently Asked Questions

     Questions and Answers:

    I went to my doctor and received a new prescription with refills, what do I do?

    Any new prescription can be filled at any retail pharmacy. This would include all antibiotics, cold, cough, and pain medications as well as the first 30-day supply of any maintenance drug.

    What is a maintenance drug?

    A maintenance drug is a drug you take every day to maintain your current health condition (for example: medications used to control blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, asthma, etc.).

    Do I have to use Rx Plus Pharmacy after my first fill of a maintenance medication?

    Yes. All maintenance drugs must be filled through Rx Plus Pharmacy.

    After the first 30-day supply, employees will not be able to fill maintenance drug prescriptions without using Rx Plus Pharmacy. Employees filling maintenance drug prescriptions at any other pharmacy will only be allowed a 15 day supply and will be charged a 30-day co-pay or co-insurance.

    How do I signup for Refills?

    Please read the Web Refill Access Assistance document posted in our Documents section.

    How will my prescriptions get to Rx Plus Pharmacy?

    New prescriptions can get to Rx Plus Pharmacy by one of the following methods:

    Doctor/Nurse may call prescription in to any Rx Plus Pharmacist (866-943-4535).

    Doctor may fax the prescription to Rx Plus Pharmacy (407-805-8545). By law, we can only accept a fax from the physician’s office with a cover sheet.

    Doctor/Nurse can send an electronic prescription via SureScripts to Rx Plus Pharmacy.

    You may mail the prescription to the pharmacy via the United States Postal Service (USPS).

    Exception: All Schedule II (CII) narcotics (for example: Percocet, Percodan, Tylox, Ritalin, Concerta or Adderall) are only valid for one fill and a new prescription must be obtained from your doctor for each refill. Prescriptions cannot be phoned or faxed by your doctor. Original may be mailed via postal service. 30-day supplies of any controlled substance including Schedule II (CII) narcotics can be filled at your local retail pharmacy.

    You can also find more Helpful Tips and Documents on the website.


    •The post office asks us to allow 10 business days for mail to be delivered even to a local area. We cannot resend any medications until this time has passed.

    •If you do not receive your package after 10 business days, we will send you an additional 30-day supply with no co-pay.

    •We send all coolers by FedEx and email you the day the medication is shipped with the tracking information so you can make arrangements to refrigerate the package. Please make sure that Rx Plus has your preferred email address on file. Check your junk email since these emails are sometimes posted in this mailbox.

    •Please notify us immediately with your new address or contact information; the post office will not forward your package so this may delay you receiving your medications.

    •If you do not contact us with a change in address, we must wait until the package has been returned to us before we can resend the medications.

    •We mail all prescriptions with a delivery confirmation so that we can track the package. You will receive an email from FedEx that allows you to track the delivery of your package. Please make sure that Rx Plus has your preferred email address on file. Check your junk email since these emails are sometimes posted in this mailbox.

    •You can always request that your prescriptions be shipped via FedEx ($15.00 charge or $27.00 for overnight delivery) but this does not mean your prescription will be put ahead of other prescriptions. All prescriptions are processed and filled in the order that they are received.

    Rx Plus Processes:

    •Prescriptions are typically in our pharmacy 2-3 days before being shipped (not including weekends and holidays). This could be delayed if we need to contact your physician for clarification regarding your prescription.

    •Customer Service Reps will give you two pieces of information when you call checking on the status of your medications. They will tell you the date that your prescriptions were processed (typed) and when they were mailed (actually left our facility).

    •You can refill your prescriptions up to 30-days in advance (we require at least a 2-week notice).

    •If your physician faxes us a prescription, we will fill the medication and mail to you because we assume that you need the drug.

    •If you do not want a new prescription filled, please include a note with the prescription. We will fill the prescription if there is no note because we assume you need the medication.

    •If your physician declines to authorize a 90-day supply, we will fill the prescription for the 30-day supply. You may potentially lose the benefit of receiving a 90-day supply.

    •We will only transfer prescriptions written to dispense a 30-day or more supply from another pharmacy.

    •We would be happy to contact your physician for refill requests (this is actually our preferred method).

    •We are unable to provide a specific manufacturer of a generic drug. We have a contract with a wholesaler for the entire Adventist Health System and our pricing for all facilities is tied to contract compliance. We must purchase the generic drugs that are available through that contract or our overall pricing could be affected.


    •By law, we can only accept faxed prescriptions from your physician’s office with a cover sheet.

    •We cannot accept faxed prescriptions for certain types of medications. The original written prescription must be mailed to us.

    •Prescriptions are only valid for one year from the date the prescription was written by the physician even if there are refills remaining.

    •Prescriptions for narcotics are only valid for 6 months from the date the prescription was written even if there are refills remaining.

    •Medications cannot be returned to the pharmacy unless the entire package has not been opened.

    •In the state of Florida, it is the law that a Pharmacy must dispense a generic drug in place of a Brand drug whenever one is available. This law is in place to assure that the customer or health plan is paying for the least expensive option available. If a physician decides that they would prefer that a Pharmacy dispense a Brand name drug instead of the available generic the words "Medically Necessary" must be written on the prescription for this to occur. The physician cannot just write dispense brand, no substitution, DAW, dispense as written, etc. because by law the Pharmacy is still required to dispense the generic drug.


    PrescriptionPrescription Plan Design:

    •If you or your physician chooses for you to receive a Brand drug when a generic is available, the drug will have a penalty applied.

    •Generics should be considered the first line in therapy.

    •You are allowed one 30-day fill at your local retail pharmacy. After this fill, you must use Rx Plus Pharmacy or you will be required to pay a 30-day co-pay/co-insurance for a 15 day supply.

    •Controlled substances and Schedule II (CII) medications can be filled at the local pharmacy for a 30-day supply.

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